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Collaborating with the SRI

The UPR mechanism of the United Nations Human Rights Council is used to review each of the 193 Member States of the UN on its entire human rights record every four and a half years. Although relatively new, it is a powerful tool to hold governments accountable for sexual and reproductive rights violations, and to advocate for changes to particular laws and policies that impact on human rights related to sexuality.

The Sexual Rights Initiative (SRI) has collaborated with nearly 200 organizations, groups and individuals in over 100 countries to prepare stakeholder submissions for the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). This has proven to be a successful strategy to maximize advocacy potential as sexual rights advocates in the country being reviewed have first-hand knowledge of the national context and the SRI has extensive knowledge of the Human Rights Council. By combining these two essential elements, sexual rights issues become more visible during the UPR process.

The SRI can provide technical assistance with the preparation of UPR stakeholder submissions, practical guidance regarding advocacy with UN Member States, advice to advocates attending the Human Rights Council in Geneva for the UPR and information on important deadlines and requirements for participation. Partnership with the SRI has no cost implications and in fact, for each UPR session, the SRI has a limited number of stipends to assist sexual rights advocates with the preparation of their stakeholder submission.

Please contact us at info (at) sexualrightsinitiative (dot) com if you would like to collaborate with the SRI for your country’s UPR.

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