Maternal mortality and morbidity

Uploaded on May 29, 2019

Country: Argentina

Collaborators: SRI, Akahata

Key Words: Maternal Mortality; Abortion; Contraception; Gender-Based Violence; Sexuality Education


Country: Guatemala

Collaborators: SRI, Colectiva Mujeres en Resistencia

Key Words: Gender-Based Violence; Violence Against Lesbian Women


Country: Pakistan

Collaborators: SRI, Rahnuma Family Planning Association of Pakistan, MDG 5b Alliance

Uploaded on May 29, 2019

Country: Afghanistan

Collaborators: SRI, Afghan Family Guidance Association & International Planned Parenthood Federation (South Asia Regional Office)

Key Words: HIV/AIDS; People who inject drugs; Discrimination; Stigma; Health Systems Strengthening; Access to Services; Education; Availability of Services; Accessibility of Services.


Country: Cambodia

Uploaded on May 29, 2019

Country: Costa Rica

Collaborators: SRI, MULABI

Key Words: Intersex people; transgender people; transvestites; gay and lesbian people; sexual and reproductive health; public policy.


Country: Democratic Republic of Congo

Collaborators: SRI, Si jeunesse savait

Key Words: Abortion; gender-based violence; LGBT rights.


Country: Dominica

Collaborators: SRI, MiRiDom

Uploaded on May 29, 2019

Country: Bolivia

Collaborators: SRI, Ipas

Key Words: Sexual and reproductive rights, maternal mortality, criminalization of abortion


Country: Bolivia

Collaborators: SRI, Colectivo LGBT de Bolivia

Key Words: Sexual orientation, gender equality, discrimination, violence, sexuality education, public policy, Bolivian legislation, hate crimes 


Country: Bosnia Herzegovina