Uploaded on May 29, 2019

Statement on Nigeria’s Adoption of the 31st UPR Recommendations

Thank you Mr President, the Federation for Women and Family Planning makes this statement on behalf of the Equality Triangle Initiative.

Nigeria received over 60 recommendations relating to sexual and reproductive rights and health, including on violence and discrimination against women and girls, early and forced marriages, harmful cultural practices, HIV and AIDS, SRHR services and general health services - the majority of these recommendations were accepted by Nigeria and we commend Nigeria for doing so.

Uploaded on May 10, 2019

This submission argues that the concept of trafficking should be debunked to give way to policies that ensure migrant rights and address migrant labour. In doing this, it deals with the definition of trafficking in the Convention and its consequent impact on women and girls, especially in the context of migration. The CEDAW Committee now has an opportunity to reframe the understanding of state obligations and standards on the issue of trafficking from a gender perspective, so that it is grounded in human rights and upholds bodily autonomy of women and girls.